Success is a Choice as is Joy and Happiness. What Shall You Choose Today?

Entranced Soul-lutions is the manifestation of a life long dream of mine to fully utilize my innate talents in service of others. I am Keith Everett Brooks, founder of Entranced Soul-lutions. I am an Intuitive Healer and Success Coach whose purpose in life is to show, those who are curious and those who are ready, pathways to the threshold of their own personal enlightenment. Beyond this threshold is your own personal truth.  When this personal truth is embraced and digested, the brilliant light of universal truth will illuminate a pathway inward.  In this very special place, during these very special moments we are reminded of who we truly are and why we chose to re-embark upon this earthly journey.  There are many paths that lead inward. My clients begin their journeys within by first examining the nature of their beliefs, relationships, and their ability to effectively manifest their dreams.  From these and other starting points my clients begin to reintroduce themselves to their authentic self.

I cordially invite you to embark upon a journey with me during which I will guide you through the treasure map of your own Soul.  Within you there are many treasures waiting to be discovered.  Are you ready to unleash your greatness? Yes!!!

Call 440-653-3765 or click here to go directly to my contact page and schedule an appointment today. You deserve to be your best! Start Now.

Not quite sure if this service is for you and yours? Please review the following questions. If you find that you or someone special to you can answer yes to the following questions then coaching will serve you well.

  • Are you ready to learn and expand in ways that will help you to be more balanced and secure in your relationships?
  • Do you have an important goal that you have been unable to attain?
  • Is coming home sometimes more stressful than going to work?
  • Are you and your significant other at a seemingly terminal impasse?
  • Are you enduring the before, during or after effects of a divorce?
  • Are you tired of living in the past?
  • Is there something that someone did to you that you just can’t get over?
  • Would you like to bring closure to a toxic relationship?


Success Now eBook

Success Now eBook


Click the image above to download Everett's eBook Success Now and find out if a Success Coach is right for you.

Keith Everett Brooks is truly a gifted intuitive healer/shaman who is here not only to help each of us individually but the planet as well! I am truly fortunate to be able to receive the gifts that he has been Graced to share through his psychic and intuitive work.  Keith is a master of his craft and at the top of his game.  I believe Keith's destiny and soul signature is to help heal each one of us in body, mind and spirit.  It is my great fortune to have a healer as gifted as Keith in my life and I recommend you actively seek and have the intention to connect with him as soon as possible. Your life will never be the same...Moreover, you will up-level, expand and amplify who you are and still becoming and for the first time ever you will have found a new spiritual sight and perception feeling the magnificence of You.

- M. Heller, South FL

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